The EL Gift Guide to Celebrate All Mothers

Someone who makes a frequent appearance on the Glowdown is Mom. Whether she’s Bec Donlan’s mom, who is “resilient ” and taught her to fight for what she wants, to Divya Gugnani’s mom, who taught her the trick of putting organic milk on her face to protect and brighten her skin to Caroline Vazzana 's mom, who showed her the value of always wearing SPF (and lipstick!), our moms are clearly quite wise.

Keep reading for some of our favorite ideas for how to treat your mom, aunt, grandmother, or any other motherly figure in your life!

The Little Things

One gift that belongs in every mom’s basket is the six mask set of our Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask. Quick, easy, and cute, everyone from tired young moms to multi-tasking older moms can benefit from the cooling, brightening, and firming that our eye masks provide!

A Day Off

We’re all busy, but sometimes moms insist they’re not. For Mother’s Day, give her the gift of turning off. Whether she’s your mom, sister, or closest friend, treat her with a day to herself. As much as you can, run her errands for her, watch the kids, help out with food plans. Show her that sometimes, she doesn’t have to do it all on her own. We love the idea of leaving a bottle of Antioxidant Complex for Eyes in her bathroom for her to discover later that evening, a chic little surprise. Place a little bow on top for extra cute gift points.

Show Her With Words

You always give her a card, and you always try to find one with the best, most thoughtfully written message. But nothing beats writing that message yourself. Reflect on how much she’s done for you throughout the years, your favorite memories together, how much her love and support has fueled you, and the kind of person – kind, creative, strong-willed – she has helped you become. Few gifts are as meaningful and heartfelt as this one will be. It’s okay, we’re crying too.

Mask Together

Make it a Mother’s Day bonding moment with the gift of self-care. Is anything better than creating new memories by spending time with each other? Kick the day off by making her breakfast (or taking her out to your favorite restaurant if cooking’s not your thing), spend some time together doing something she loves, and end the day with a masking ritual. Try the Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment (How cute will your pink-faced Mother’s Day selfie be?) for the serious health benefits to your skin and the not-so-serious fun of peeling it off afterward!

Plant Date

Some things we can all pretty much agree on. One of these things is the power of plants. From succulents to indoor trees to fresh cut tulips, you can never go wrong with greenery on Mother’s Day. Up your gifting game by heading to a nursery or garden together and spending the day among vibrant flowers, trees, and shrubs. Bonus: get inspired with our Earth Day ideas by upcycling an old Erno Laszlo jar or bottle into a succulent planter! How much fun will ‘potting’ these together be?

Show the mom in your life how important she is with gifts that allow her to indulge in some much-needed self-care for once. Happy Mother’s Day to all the gorgeous, intelligent, hard-working, thoughtful, compassionate moms out there in the world!