Skincare 101

SPF Tips For Your Spring Skincare Routine

Springtime is here! Whether fair-skinned or not, you gotta protect your skin from the damage that too much sun exposure will woefully cause. Toss on a hat, grab your favorite book, and head to the park with these SPF tips in mind to keep the spring in your skin’s step!

1. First things first: layer SPF properly in your routine: after everything else and before make-up.

Start off with a classic double cleanse, apply your favorite toner, top it off with an SPF-packed moisturizer like our Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 or Phelityl Day Lotion SPF 15, and then finish with make-up. You want the SPF layer to be as close to the “top” as possible.

2. Reapply regularly – every two hours, to be exact.

We kind of can’t stress this point enough. The key to mitigating sun damage is to make sure your skin is protected with SPF, but it’s naturally going to wear off as the day goes on. The magic timing is every two hours. If you’re swimming or sweating it up, be more generous with the reapplication!

3. When using retinols or AHAs, you really need to protect your skin as it makes it extra sensitive.

If you’re using skincare products with retinols or AHAs, like our Exfoliate & Detox Hydrogel Mask (which includes an AHA fruit blend that gently whisks away dead skin), be extra generous with the SPF. Retinols or AHAs tend to make skin extra sensitive, so just be cautious of that!

Quick fact: retinol is derived from vitamin A, promotes cell turnover, and pumps up collagen, while AHAs – alpha hydroxy acids – are chemical compounds that are master exfoliators.

4. Don’t wait until you’re outside!

Your sping SPF routine is incomplete if you wait until you’re outside to apply. Luckily, if you’re using our Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 or Phelityl Day Lotion SPF 15, it’s likely already a part of your skin prep for the day. The ideal time to apply is actually 20 minutes before going outside; that gives the SPF just enough time to really absorb into the skin so it can fulfill its crucial role as protector of your precious skin.

5. If you’re wearing makeup, reapply with powders or sprays that have SPF in it.

Some powders can even replace your foundation or bronzer entirely, which could be ideal to keep your makeup on point without missing out on the benefits of SPF. Setting sprays that include SPF are another option to keep your makeup refreshed while locking in the protection.

6. Don’t forget your lips, get a lip balm with sunscreen!

It’s all about the little things. Give your lips some love and prevent them from getting sun-chapped by making sure to use a lip balm that includes SPF.

7. Don’t rely on sunscreen alone, use a hat or SPF clothing.

This might be a next level tip, but we’re all about being next level when it comes to protecting our skin. Rock a wide-brimmed hat like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or take it one step further with sun protective clothing. You might be surprised at how cute some of these clothes actually are! Also, sunglasses: duh! Rock a heart-shaped pair if you’re feeling cute or some aviators if you’re feeling like the boss that you are.

8. Use SPF daily, no matter the weather!

We’re stressing the importance of SPF because spring is here, but the truth is that you really should apply SPF daily no matter the weather. The sun’s rays affect your skin whether the temperature is hot or cold. Our Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 or Phelityl Day Lotion SPF 15 is ideal for everyday facial application, springtime or not!

Make the most of your skin this spring by taking care of it with SPF-infused moisturizers! Stay informed by learning the truth about some SPF myths here, and trust us: your future self will thank you with younger-looking skin that’s as bright as the sun you’re protecting it from.