The Firmarine Collection

Ultimate Lift

Harnessing the power of the ultimate lifting ingredient, Spirulina Maxima, this collection is rich in over 70 essential minerals and antioxidants to nourish skin at the cellular level for collagen growth, enhanced firmness and restored elasticity, revealing that inner youthful glow.

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Firmarine Cleansing Oil

The Soft Tone

Remove impurities and give your skin a lift with a lightweight cleansing oil that combines Spirulina Maxima with mineral-rich seawater for a clean, smooth, and toned complexion.

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Firmarine Cleansing Bar

The Boost

Our unique time-release cleansing bar is packed with antioxidants that work from day to night and through the night, lifting, firming and soothing skin long after you’ve washed your face.

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Firmarine Essence Lotion

The Oxygen Boost

Add lift and glow after cleansing with a super lightweight, water-gel essence that regenerates skin instantly with the power of Spirulina Maxima.

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Firmarine Eye Serum

The Ultimate Restoration

Bring on that youthful lift and glow by focusing on the eyes. Concentrated, nutrient-rich bio-actives reduce puffiness and restore suppleness to the delicate eye area to keep you looking bright.

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Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30

The Firm Protector

Firm, plump and restore with our fan-favorite daily moisturizer. Rich and powerful, marine actives work to protect your skin with SPF while bringing back that “bounce.”

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Firmarine Lifting Serum

The Stimulator

Get firm but stay gentle, our fast-firming serum feels weightless but makes a powerful, uplifting impact. Potent bio-marine extracts hydrate, detoxify, tighten and smooths skin all at once so you can do the important things.

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Phelityl Night Cream

The Recharge

Give collagen a boost while you sleep with Spirulina Maxima and antioxidant Vitamin E to restore and recharge your complexion overnight.

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Firm & LIft Hydrogel Mask

The Instant Firm

Boost radiance and restore elasticity in only 20 minutes with a deeply hydrating mask packed with argan oil and algae extract to neutralize free radicals and give us the quick lift we need.

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Firmarine Lift Face Mask

The Quick Soothe

Our soothing and hydrating blue powder mask mixes to activate nutrients that give skin a plumping boost, peeling to reveal firmer, more youthful skin.

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